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The bathrooms of the home can be one of the most expensive areas to replace or refurbish. With simple maintenance, such as caulking and grouting of tub and shower areas, expensive repairs can be avoided. Many future homeowners badly underestimate the cost of bathroom replacement because of the underlying defects which require repairs. A well maintained but outdated bathroom can often be updated at a reasonable  cost by replacing wallpaper, shower doors, sink vanity and other minor items. An item as small as a dripping valve inside a wall left un-repaired can be the difference between a $500 upgrade and a $5,000 one! When bathroom replacement is undertaken, it is advisable to change the wallboard and carefully inspect the sub-floor, electric and the plumbing. The inspector will carefully check all areas including the tub and shower areas and around the toilet in particular. These areas are more prone to hidden water damage. The inspector will advise you of visible defects and alert you to potential hidden defects such as leaking shower pans, which can only be checked in a limited capacity by him/her. Bathrooms are a favorite place for homeowners to make cosmetic repairs, which may mask underlying problems. The inspector is always very suspicious of recent cosmetic work performed in the bathroom area.

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