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Chimneys are used to remove dangerous and hot gases from a home produced by heating equipment, hot water heaters and fireplaces. Many people overlook the importance of a chimney’s function as it relates to the safety of a dwelling and the cost of repairing or replacing a poorly installed or improperly maintained one. Old chimneys often require new lining, repair to worn  masonry joints called pointing or rebuilding. Chimneys may be constructed of metal, or masonry products which are prone to wear and maintenance. In some older homes there are often abandoned chimneys from old heating systems or discontinued fireplaces. Your professional inspector will inspect the visible and accessible areas of the chimney and report to you the suggested improvements and maintenance which may be required to prevent deterioration of the chimney itself or surrounding building components. Certainly the most carefully inspected portion of the chimney is performed for its safe function in helping to prevent potentially harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, from entering the living space of the home.
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