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Gutters and Downspouts
Gutters and downspouts are installed on sloped roofs to collect water in the gutter system on the lower edges of the roof and the downspouts direct the water away. A normal rainstorm can produce hundreds of gallons of water on a roof surface which can easily find its way into your basement or undermine the structure itself! A well maintained drainage system can help protect your future home from a leaky or damp basement, insect infestations and deterioration of the lower exterior finishes. Gutters and downspouts require careful inspection for proper pitch, leakage and defect. The gutter and leader system cannot only cause a lot of moisture related problems, but may be hiding them even in a new installation. Many  home owners repair or replace the gutter and leader system when they put their home on the market for sale, but the damage to fascia boards, soffits and other components may have already occurred from lack of maintenance and improper installation. In some areas of the country gutters and downspouts are not used because the home is designed and built to keep water away from the building with large eaves and often using slab on grade construction which is less prone to water damage from poor roof drainage. This however is often not the case. A home not originally designed for good roof drainage without gutters and downspouts will most likely suffer damage. Your inspector will inform you what is required to repair or replace your drainage system as well as the effects of the existing system or lack of one on your new home.

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