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The grounds surrounding the home will include items such as grading for drainage, patios, landscaping (retaining walls and other alterations to the natural flow of the property), fences, trees and bushes which may have an effect on the home and all other items as they relate to the exterior of the house. Patios and surrounding soil should be pitched away from the house to keep water from lying against the foundation, penetrating the basement or possibly undermine the footings of a slab home. Trees and bushes need  to be kept away from the buildings components to prevent wear, damage or present a possible safety hazard. Other items such as retaining walls and fences are often overlooked by potential homebuyers but can be extremely costly to repair or replace. The general placement of the home on the property is closely examined as it relates to slopes and hills, which could direct high volumes of water towards the home in more severe weather. The experience with the geographical location of your new home that your professional inspector has can be important as it relates to flooding and high water tables which can be an unpleasant surprise.
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